Genero Media prides itself on offering top of the line online marketing services and strategies to help our clients reach their business goals. With years of experience working with a variety of businesses in varying industries, we have developed measurable strategies that our clients have benefited from and seen a high ROI.

Online Marketing: Offering measurable online strategies

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way people find, discover, share, shop and connect. And more and more businesses are realizing that traditional methods of marketing should be used alongside online marketing strategies to get the best results possible. Online Marketing includes techniques such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile marketing, pay-per-click advertising, blog writing, content marketing and more. These online marketing strategies are being utilized by businesses because they are measurable so your online marketing efforts and investment can be tracked to see the ROI. Depending on what result you are seeking, a combination of the different online marketing strategies can be implemented.

web designMobile Websites: Give your customers an easy to use experience on their mobile device

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Mobile devices are most commonly used to search for a business online, make an online purchase or get directions and other location-related information about a business. Since Mobile usage is growing at an exponential rate, being able to provide an easy surfing experience will lead to higher conversions. Approximately 60% of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Visitors have a short attention span on websites displayed on PCs, so on mobile devices, you only have a limited amount of time to make sure the information they are seeking is available and not difficult to find. Having a mobile compatible website is just as important as having a website for all types of businesses as that is where potential customers are searching for you. Mobile websites also include mobile marketing such as having a click-to-call option in order to measure how many people clicked on the phone number to call your business.

web designSearch Engine Optimization: Get your website ranking higher on search results

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website's rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Due to the number of websites online, this has become a hot button topic since businesses are vying to be number one in search results. Search Engines have different factors they look for when ranking what sites come up first. Google for instance has over 200 factors that it uses when rating a site. The main factors are known but how much weight each factor carries is not openly known and is always evolving. There are both ethical (whitehat) and unethical (blackhat) SEO strategies that are in practice. Search engines are battling to give their users more relevant search results, so their continual battle is to catch and ban spammers from diluting the quality of search results.

In order to determine the extent of the search engine optimization that is required for your business, a detailed report and analysis would need to be done to research the relevant keywords, meta tag descriptions, title tags, competition and more. Depending on the results, a variety of search engine optimization strategies would need to be implemented, including pay-per-click advertising if necessary.

web designSocial Media Marketing: Expand your reach

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Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic, building leads and connecting with customers through social media sites. Social Media has become a widely used platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. More and more small to medium sized businesses are taking advantages of the benefits that social media has on their business. One great benefit of social media marketing is that the techniques used can be tracked to measure the results of your social media marketing efforts. Social Media Marketing initiatives include creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • Drives traffic to a website
  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Expand your Reach
  • Supports SEO efforts
  • Showcase products and services
  • Improved customer service

web designWeb Hosting: Secure, reliable and powerful

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Web Hosting is an essential service that is required to make a website accessible via the World Wide Web. We offer web hosting on our secure, reliable and powerful servers that are guaranteed to have an up-time of 99.9%. These servers are housed in secure data centers which are fully monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide enterprise level hosting for Ecommerce sites that offer a higher level of security for the gathering of credit card information.

web designDomain Registration: Lock your businesses online identity

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Domain management is in important phase in protecting your business' brand identity online. It is the initial phase in building an online web presence. The website name (i.e. www.yourcompanyname.com) is the face of your business' online presence and this important asset should be registered and locked. Our corporate domain management program guarantees that all domains are registered through ICANN and CICRA accredited registrar. The corporate domain management program also protects your company's domain from missed renewals, domain hijacking and other domain issues that companies face.

web designCompany Branded Email Addresses: Make an impression

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Company branded email addresses (e.g. [email protected]) help businesses have an online identity, display professionalism, gain trust and help make a good impression. How many times have you come across with a business having an email address such as using Hotmail? The first thought that was evoked when seeing that email address was probably not positive.

Benefits of Company Branded Email Addresses:

  • Portray professionalism
  • Gain the trust of your customers
  • Build easy brand awareness
  • Email address is related to the business identity

web designBlogs: Create, Optimize and Promote

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Companies that create, optimize and promote their blogs get 55% more traffic and 70% more leads than those who do not.

  • Creating Blogs: Writing blogs gives you an online channel for you to display your expertise, increase visibility and expand your reach.
  • Optimizing Blogs: Believe it or not, elements such as the design of your blog and where your blog is being hosted are factors that affect search engine optimization as well as the effectiveness of your blog in rankings. Optimizing blogs also include making the user experience seamless for users to return and engage in your blog easily without dealing with factors that might cause them to abandon the site.
  • Promoting Blogs: Utilize a variety of online marketing initiatives to start promoting your blogs online. Use measurable efforts such as link building, social media, search engine optimization to name a few that will help you spread the word about your blog and your business.

web designContent Writing: Content is key

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Having relevant, optimized content on your website, landing page or blog will help you attract the right type of visitor and assist you in converting that visitor into a customer. Content is one of the most important factors in web design. We can create the most beautifully designed website, but if it is missing relevant content, than we won't be utilizing the website to its maximum capacity. We offer content writing as a service as we understand that businesses need and want to focus on their day-to-day core duties of their business and simply don't have the time or the know-how of how to write optimized content that converts. Our content writers can assist you by researching and creating content for your website, landing page or blog, based on the topics that you provide to them. Contact us to learn more information on how our content writing services work.